Nature Illustration

I draw a range of botanicals, animal and sea creature illustrations using fine liner pens.  

I also provide bespoke illustration - please contact me for specific commissions.


Current R&D Project

'Interconnectedness' Started June 2023.

‘Interconnectedness’, is a socially engaged, post-pandemic, digital, wellbeing project where ultimately a large number of participants (I’m aiming for perhaps 2-5,000,) will share their silent stories of their own connections with plants. At the moment I'm in the initial research and development phase. I'm currently collecting 50 participant plant stories, using social media to provide a call out which participants respond to. The stories may be about a specific person they associate that plant with, an animal, event, memory, a ritual, a practice, a medicine they make (i.e rosemary in hot water for sore throats etc), folklore, or a story they were told as a child. I ask them to tell me the name of their chosen plant and share their story in a couple of sentences. I then draw the plant for them on a small piece of recycled paper and write their story on the reverse. I'm aiming to partner with nature organisations and apply for funding to develop this into a bigger project with community engagement strands

Contact Me

Please contact me via email or social media if you would like to discuss a commission or an item in my shop!